Relic Fragements


The 2nd season of stickymc, ive been on the very end of season 1 so i have no idea how rare or less rare they were. this season it seems to be very rare almost no way to even get them without spending money, you can get them from voting but its a very slow process. Now within this season you cant even get them from mobs anymore i may suggest to even bring them back from killing mobs (Creepers) because for me ex i have 42 Mythril cores and like only 2 relics. Id say just make more possible getting them with out spending a but ton of money.


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I think having relic fragments drop from mobs(rare obviously) would be a good solution to this problem, while also reinvigorating the hunter job, which lost a major source of its appeal this season. The paid crates also seem to drop a disproportionate amount of cores vs fragments, so this might also need to get looked into, even though I don't think this changed between S1->S2.