Removal of mithril drops from mobs


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This is yet another controversial topic, I have brought up. The ability to obtain mithril drops from mobs creates a market that is oversaturated with mithrils. The main source where this mechanic is shown is in creeper grinders, which mainly are used by hunters. Although guardians have the chance to drop mithrils as well, it is not as efficient as creeper grinders. The reward of a mithril for sitting at a grinder and clicking one button to kill a group of mobs, seems unfair as other jobs don't have the ability to drop mithrils as well. The hunter job, which is already saturated with players, is an easy job to grind compared to others. Newer players who join the server would gravitate towards hunter for its simplistic grind and their best chance for a mithril. Even if the mithril drops were removed for mobs, mob grinders have the highest chances of getting mithrils still. This is due to the fact that mobs drop relic items which can be scrapped for relic fragments. Relic fragments are then combined with a core to make a mithril essence. What is your opinions on this topic? Hunters, what are your thoughts on this mechanic being removed?


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removing this mechanic is a bad idea, because it makes no sense. I say this because I think that it is still an extreme low chance of actually getting one. And on your other point that there is an overload on mythrils on /ah, which is most likely just theory because you can't know if the seller got the item from a grinder or from a mythril essence. Therefore I suggest living everything as it is right now.