Solved Soul Sand/Soil when briging

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What is the name of the bug?
Soul Sand/Soil when briging

What is your minecraft username?

Brief description of the bug and/or glitch you're experiencing.
When you put a soul sand/soil block and start normal briging (only sneaking) off that block and you have the soul speed enchantment on your boots, you will be able to brige faster (as long as hold your sneak key) then you would normally able to. I believe this happens because you keep the speed boost from the soul speed enchant while sneaking. I found this glitch while watching a streamer (Ranboo) use it and tried it once on the server to confirm its existence. (in the overworked in my base)

Is this a reproducible issue?

If you can replicate the issue, How do you replicate it?
by placing a soul sand /soil block under you and start normal briging from that block.


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This is a Minecraft bug and is not bound to the server. Please report this to Mojang if you believe this is a real bug.
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