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~StickyMC custom texture pack~


Good day, grinders!

We've taken in a lot of suggestions in how to improve this resource pack and are very appreciative of it! For the 0.5 update we focused on introducing even more tool sets into the pack. The next few updates may introduce visual armours as well as some other interesting dynamics; so stay tuned!

I'd love to receive any idea's you all may have for your favourite mithril tools! What would they look like? What would their colour be? How could it appeal to other players? etc. There are currently over 70 re-textured tools and items within this pack and the number keeps growing!

Linked in this post is the resource pack download link for those who intend on trying it out. It is very important that you run Minecraft with Optifine; and please make sure custom items are turned on in options > video settings > quality! The resource pack will not work properly without the mod or this setting enabled!

Resource Pack download link:

- Re-textured some Jade tools.
- Re-textured some Stalhrim tools.
- Re-textured some Kayran tools.
- Re-textured Codex Grimoire.
- Updated runestone texture.
- Added textures for tools from prior sets.
- Introduced personalised tools.

A big thank you to HazmatDrone who helped with Kayran texture work and setting up the github project! Thank you all as well for continuing to support this resource pack!
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