~StickyMC custom texture pack~


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Good news, grinders!

The custom resource pack has been merged! We have skipped forward multiple versions to bring out v1.0 of the Stickypack. The tools are now official! This re-modified tool pack will not require anyone to have Optifine in order to run it. More information on the official pack will be provided by the StickMC server staff.

As for where the unofficial pack will be heading in the direction of: tools will no longer be covered. Instead, we are migrating solely to armour sets, GUI/hud icons, and elytra! Most of which are not coverable with vanilla resource pack settings. As such, the unofficial pack will still require Optifine to run properly. This unofficial pack will aim to tie-in with the official pack and work well while both are applied simultaneously. Think of the unofficial pack as an add-on free DLC of sorts.

For now please enjoy the new official textures when they are released to the public! Updates will potentially be posted within a new thread; since this is a complete overhaul being a resource pack split into two and such. All non-trident Mithril tools have their own unique textures! 100% completed tools! (We don't talk about the tridents.)

A big thank you to HazmatDrone who helped with texture work and setting up the github project! Another big thank you to SirKillian for allowing me to contribute to the server in a special way!

Most importantly, Thank you all so much for the unending support you have given this project.
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