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The first price after each item is the best average, the numbers following that are the range of estimates given with outliers removed. The average price is the most realistic one. Numbers are subject to change, this is version v1.1 (v1: March 4th 2022, v1.1 April 27th 2022)

Aerondight Battleaxe: 45k (25-65k)
Aerondight Bow: 27.5k (25-40k)
Aerondight Hatchet: 25k (25-30k)
Aerondight Pickaxe: 40k (30-60k)
Aerondight Scythe: 35k (30-40k)
Aerondight Shortsword: 45k (30-80k)
Aerondight Spade: 35k (25-45k)

Amethyst Battleaxe: 35k (25-55k)
Amethyst Longsword: 45k (30-55k)
Amethyst Pickaxe: 67.5k (50-75k)
Amethyst Scythe: 40k (37.5-45k)
Amethyst Spade: 45k (45-50k)

Astral Battleaxe: 35k (25-55k)
Astral Bow: 45k (45-90k)
Astral Chisel: 75k (45-90k)
Astral Crossbow: 35k (35-50k)
Astral Hatchet: 65k (50-80k)
Astral Spade: 60k (50-70k)
Astral Trident: 30k (25-30k)

Christmas Axe: 120k (50-320k)
Christmas Bow: 110k (60-310k)
Christmas Hoe: 80k (40-250k)
Christmas Pickaxe: 75k (35-190k)
Christmas Rod: 70k (25-130k)
Christmas Spade: 60k (50-120k)
Christmas Sword: 75k (50-140k)

Delirium Crusher: 105k (80-120k)
Delirium Pickaxe: 90k (80-90k)
Delirium Shears: 65k (40-80k)
Delirium Slasher: 100k (90-120k)

Dwarven Blade: 65k (45-80k)
Dwarven Chisel: 175k (125-250k)
Dwarven Hatchet: 90k (80-120k)
Dwarven Poleaxe: 45k (30-60k)
Dwarven Recurve: 30k (30-40k)
Dwarven Rod: 45k (45-70k)
Dwarven Scythe: 35k (20-55k)
Dwarven Spade: 60k (50-80k)

Elven Chisel: 90k (70-120k)
Elven Cleaver: 45k (40-60k)
Elven Hatchet: 85k (80-90k)
Elven Hoe: 25k (10-30k)
Elven Longbow: 85k (70-100k)
Elven Shears: 30k (10-40k)
Elven Shortsword: 60k (30-80k)
Elven Spade: 72.5k (50-80k)

Fluorite Bow: 30k (20-60k)
Fluorite Broadsword: 40k (40k)
Fluorite Chisel: 100k (90-145k)
Fluorite Hatchet: 90k (70-125k)
Fluorite Hoe: 65k (50-70k)
Fluorite Poleaxe: 45k (30-50k)
Fluorite Spade: 65k (50-90k)

Glyphs Chisel: 65k (35-80k)
Glyphs Chopper: 42.5k (30-50k)
Glyphs Cleaver: 30k (25-50k)
Glyphs Hoe: 37.5k (25-50k)
Glyphs Knife: 25k (20-25k)
Glyphs Recurve: 25k (25k)
Glyphs Rod: 45k (30-55k)
Glyphs Spade: 50k (35-70k)

Jaded Hatchet: 55k (35-65k)
Jaded Hoe: 30k (30k)
Jaded Knife: 20k (20-30k)
Jaded Labrys: 35k (30-40k)
Jaded Longbow: 35k (20-40k)
Jaded Pickaxe: 55k (40-65k)
Jaded Shovel: 50k (35-55k)

Kayran Blade: 75k (50-95k)
Kayran Chisel: 110k (87-130k)
Kayran Cleaver: 45k (30-70k)
Kayran Crossbow: 30k (20-85k)
Kayran Rod: 100k (90-150k)
Kayran Trident: 50k (50k)

Lovely Bow: 100k (60-150k)
Lovely Hatchet: 120k (80-150k)
Lovely Hoe: 75k (60-120k)
Lovely Pickaxe: 100k (70-125k)
Lovely Rod: 125k (100-160k)
Lovely Sword: 80k (65-120k)

All Manticore Items: 65k

Necromancer Mattock: ~900k-1.5m
Necromancer Chisel: ~900k-1.5m
Necromancer Hatchet: ~900k-1.5m
Necromancer Rod: 340k (250-450k)
Necromancer Scythe: 425k (350-500k)
Necromancer Spade: 500k-800k
Necromancer Sword: 330k (300-450k)

Pandora Carver: 85k (80-90k)
Pandora Feller: 85k (80-90k)
Pandora Scythe: 45k (30-60k)
Pandora Spade: 55k (50-70k)
Pandora Spear: 55k (40-80k)

Poseidon's Rod: 90k (70-100k)
Poseidon’s Trident: 75k (30-120k)

Ruby Axe: 110k (90-120k)
Ruby Hoe: 35k (30-50k)
Ruby Longsword: 40k (30-40k)
Ruby Pickaxe: 150k (90-220k)
Ruby Shears: 35k (30-40k)
Ruby Shortbow: 75k (50-90k)
Ruby Shovel: 75k (67.5-90k)
Ruby Swiftaxe: 50k (35-80k)

Sapphire Battleaxe: 60k (60-80k)
Sapphire Bow: 50k (50k)
Sapphire Chisel: 70k (60-80k)
Sapphire Rebuke: 50k (40-60k)
Sapphire Spade: 42.5k (30-50k)

Serenity Axe: 100k (80-120k)
Serenity Battleaxe: 50k (40-70k)
Serenity Blade: 80k (70-100k)
Serenity Bow: 55k (30-75k)
Serenity Pickaxe: 145k (110-195k)
Serenity Scythe: 45k (30-55k)
Serenity Shears: 30k (30k)
Serenity Spade: 65k (65k)

All Stalhrim Items: 35k (20-45k)

Titanium Battleaxe: 45k (30-50k)
Titanium Machete: 27.5k (20-30k)
Titanium Mattock: 90k (70-120k)
Titanium Scythe: 30k (20-35k)
Titanium Spade: 125k (80-140k)

All Topaz Items: 20k (20-25k)

All Tungsten Items: 30k (20-40k)
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