~ StickyPack Extended 0.5 ~


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Greetings, Grinders!

As of recently, the StickyMC Extended Pack has reached significant milestones in terms of overall progress. We have come a long way in such a small amount of time! Fun fact: It just so happens to be my birthday today! What better way to celebrate a birthday than to release a new update for the StickyMC Armor pack? There is quite a bit to cover as i've had a significant amount of time to put into the pack recently.

I hope we all are keen on having new coats of paint for armor! This update features the most amount of armor to ever be introduced into a single update; so be on the lookout for some new faces to familiar names:

Are ya winning, son!? The Olympic Winter Medals recently obtained from the Winter Olympics have new textures! You can flex even more than you could before with this lively set of medals:

It seems there is a certain display featuring all new textures set up as a way to celebrate the release of the new pack update. A big thank you to OohBooh for putting the showcase together! You can see this in person at /t spawn pandora.

All tools previously featured within prior versions of this pack have been removed in order to allow bow animations to work properly. In order to enjoy the full StickyMC Mithril experience please make sure both resource packs are enabled!

Resource Pack Download link: https://github.com/FeignedIgnorance...ses/download/v0.5/StickyPack-Extended-0.5.zip

Please note that unlike the official server resource pack, this pack requires Optifine in order to work properly!

I strongly appreciate all the support being put into this project! Thank you once again for tagging along!
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