/t spawn wood Treasure Hunt!


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Hey everyone!

Winter is here! And with Christmas approaching, the town of Wood has
been transformed into a winter wonderland!



Although spirits are high, local residents of /t spawn wood are reporting missing
Christmas presents. Some even claim they've witnessed a green creature in a Santa suit stealing them!

Many call it a monster - some prefer to call it The Grinch!


As a master of redstone, The Grinch has deployed a plethora of mazes, puzzles, and tricks to ensure
no one can find the missing presents!



Do you have what it takes to save Christmas?

Get started by finding the entrance hidden somewhere at /t spawn wood.

Feel free to explore around and talk to the local villagers! There are tons of hints and easter eggs to be found.


Treasure Hunt Details

Built by rooftop_04
Open to everybody on play.stickymc.com
A 5 part treasure hunt
This treasure hunt and all its clues are
contained inside /t spawn wood
Open now! Will remain open for people to solve
Completion Prize:
Items Left to Right:
1 Yellow Tagged Starter Pickaxe (Unobtainable)
1 Yellow Tagged Starter Sword (Unobtainable)
1 One Million Dollar Coin voucher
32 Bottles of Dragon's Breath
1 Completion Message
1 Yellow Tagged Starter Shovel (Unobtainable)
1 Yellow Tagged Starter Axe (Unobtainable)
1 Yellow Tagged Starter Helmet (Unobtainable)
64 Sponge
32 Shulker Shells
32 Wither Skulls
3 Spawner Spinners
1 Snout Banner Pattern
1 Yellow Tagged Starter Leggings (Unobtainable)
1 Yellow Tagged Starter Chestplate (Unobtainable)
5 Mithril Essences
1 Yellow Tagged Starter Boots (Unobtainable)
Estimated Prize worth
2 - 2 Million+ In game dollars
Teaming is permitted, cheating is not. Upon completion, proof will be required
to prove you have completed each part.
If you have any questions, feel free to respond under this thread, or
message me in game by /mail send rooftop_04
With that said, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and Happy Hunting!


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Congrats to aforan10 and Spuddd16!

They've completed the treasure hunt and claimed the prize.

A close second goes to Snakqe and Vvyper, the competition was close right up to the very end!

Though the prize has been claimed, the treasure hunt will remain open for people to complete.

If you beat the hunt, message me, I'll throw your name up on the wall!


Thanks for playing!