Thanksgiving Event


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Terry the Turkey has flown into StickyMC, and has lost his fellow flock of turkey's in spawn!


Help Terry find his turkey's! They can be found around spawn.


When you find a turkey, be sure to click it - 1x Lost Turkey will be placed into your inventory.


Lost Turkey's will operate the same way Easter Eggs did in Season 1, only this time with a twist.

Players will have the moral decision to use their Lost Turkeys for Job Boosts, or return the turkey's to Terry in spawn.

Players who choose to return all turkey's to Terry will be rewarded with a special gift:


Turkey's can be returned to Terry by simply clicking him in spawn. The turkey's will then be taken out of your inventory, and count towards your reward.

A flock of 12 turkey's are lost in spawn - can you find them all?

Ontop of this event, Thanksgiving themed cosmetic tags can be purchased from the store:

-Turkey Tag
-Gobble Tag
-Pilgrim Tag
-Thankful Tag

If you have any comments regarding this suggestion, leave your thoughts below!




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I really like this idea, I think removing the Job XP from the boots and making it a normal pair of boots (with the unbreakable and Dash) would still be a cool item too see so its not really OP.

Bringing in an item which offers Job XP boost like Easter would be nice aswell


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I think an abundance of peculiar items will quickly make relics worthless.