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Hello Everyone!

Today we are bringing you a new event! From the moment this announcement post is released till January 4th 2019 you will be able to find mystery gifts from breaking blocks, placing blocks and killing monsters and/or animals. When a gift drops you'll see a chest on the floor named "Mystery Gift #" + hear a sound effect and a title will appear so missing it should be hard.

Once you picked up your awesome Mystery Gift you can Right-Click it to redeem it and get a random gift. These random gifts can be collected from Santa in spawn (located under the big Christmas tree). However, If you're unlucky the Grinch will destroy your gift upon redeeming and you'll get coal for Christmas! There is an infinite amount of gifts to be collected and the number on the Mystery Gifts is just for fun. (so that you brag to your friends which cool milestone you got... duh)

Now, inside the Gifts from Santa you will find various different rewards which obviously we are not going to spoil for you ;)
From Gingerbread Cookies to Firework Bows... We got it all!

If we can reach a total of 15.000 Gifts collected at the end of the event we will do an "After Party" event with more rewards for everyone! (more details will follow IF and only IF we reach 15.000 total gifts collected.)

Christmas Sale
You'll now be able to purchase Christmas bundles in the store. Unique one time only rewards only available inside the Christmas Bundles.
only available till January 7th 2019.
Check it out by clicking here!

On behalf of the entire AzertuMC Staff Team we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
(also pls come back next year ok thanks)
wait, so your saying I could go to a mob grinder like t spawn end and grind like holy hell and get mystery gifts.

I can already tell this will totallly go well.

Hope the event will be fun tho c:


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Thank for this info :love: Seems like an amazing event and a lot of work must've been put into it !