The Black Market


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Hello everyone!

Today we are introducing a small new feature. "The Black Market"!

We had a lot of issues with custom crafting recipes recently. Therefore we came up with a new solution. The Black Market will allow you to trade items for custom items in return. As of right now this is just a Spawner Spinner and a Mithril Essence.

You can trade on the Black Market by visiting the "Shady Merchant". This merchant can be found in the brand new sewers under spawn!
Can you find the sewers? Give it a try! However, you'll have to be at least Master / Mistress rank to be able to talk to the Shady Merchant.

Additionally we have pushed a handful of bug-fixes along with this update.
You can find a full list of patches on our Discord server.

That's all for today.

Happy Mining!
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I definitely did not attempt to start the second spawn grief when I was in this room with SirK.