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The New and the Old [A simple explanation of the transition from Azertu to Sticky]


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:coffee: Hello everyone! I wanted to make an easy to read guide for new player and returning players that will help explain some of the new changes that came along with Sticky. If you're a new player, it'll probably still be useful to read this guide all the way through so you aren't completely lost when entering the spectacle that are towny servers!

NOTE: The server is still fairly new and will probably go through several changes over the months

I'll divide this into three different parts and explain how they are different from Azertu and general information about them. The categories:
Towny Jobs Survival mechanics/plugin

Towny: Creating and managing a town was slightly tuned to accommodate the more survival aspect of the server. Lemme start off by saying you will not be earning thousands, millions, as you did on Azertu and it may seem "slower" to start off because of it. A Lot of the aspects of towny were scaled down to accommodate this, I'll list some of the more important commands that you need to know for starting/managing a town: [Most of this information can be found by typing /help.]

/t new <town name> - $500 This command is used to create a town

/t add <username> - Free Used to invite players to your town

/t deposit <amt> - Amt This command is used to deposit money into your town bank. In order to preform an action in your town
that requires money, you will need to put money into your town bank to preform. Your daily "upkeep" also takes
money from your town bank. upkeep is used to keep your town alive. use /t to checkout your daily upkeep

/t claim - $100 + $50 Your bread and butter for expanding your town. keep in mind that for every chunk that you claim, you in turn increase your daily upkeep by $50.

/t claim outpost - $50k This is used to claim area that is not connected to your town.

/t buy bonus - $100 This command is used to buy more claimable spaces for your town. you only start with a limited amount so use this to further increase your town.

That's most of the commands that I think are most useful to incoming players, there are more commands that you can find by typing /help and clicking on the towny section.

Jobs: There were quite a few things changed surrounding jobs that it would probably take an extremely long forum post to type, so I'll shorten it and try to focus on what were the biggest changes from Azertu. For new players, this the survival aspect probably wont feel "different" per se, but nevertheless probably useful information.

What was removed?
- Relics: relics no longer exist besides the emerald stuff in the server store. The removal of relics steered Sticky in a more vanilla aspect and therefore while you do make less, most, if not everything was scaled down in a way that its impossibly hard to maintain a town.

- Jobs: Rest in piece the artist, builder job, and hellworker. That's really all there is to say about it.

- MCMMO: The MCMMO plugin was removed [possibly added later] which means that some jobs that were very reliant on them (such as blacksmith and lumberjack) were considerably slowed down. Nevertheless they are still reliable jobs to take part in.

Survival Mechanics/Plugins: At this point I'm regurgitating an important notion that while Azertu had a lot aspects that removed it from "vanilla" Minecraft, Sticky is quite the opposite in that it's mainly vanilla focused. This means that jobs are slower and much more "hands-on" than ever before. Redstone also went through a significant change, which I will post a link with information on it if Sirk ever posts a forum with info regarding it. But basically redstone is now chunk-based, you are limited to 35 redstone components per chunk. some don't count towards the total.

Real quickly, While the server is still in an early stage some core plugins were also removed for the meantime, most notably LWC which was used to protect player chests in the wild and in their towns (depending on the permissions granted). As of now, the only way to protect your chests is by claiming over it, or making a chest shop out of it. MCMMO was also removed which means that a lot of the leveling aspect that was present in Azertu is no more, but as stated before, it may or may not come back.

Anyways, that's a simple rundown of what's different, I'm sure I missed a few things so make sure to leave a reply if I did. Thanks for coming to my TED talk :coffee:
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This is very handy thank you! (also rip Hellworker even though it was kind of dead and it is sort of merged into the hunter and miner but I still liked it)


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remove the info about "Relics being removed". they added it back.
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