The Relic Update


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Hello EPIC Gamers!

Today we are announcing a HUGE and exciting update.
Without wasting too much time, lets get right into it.

| Relics
This is a big one! Very long story short, Relics are items that are not vanilla. However, that is probably not the answer you were looking for :p
Either way, lets start off with the tier system.

There is a total of 5 tiers.
  • Common Tier
  • Rare Tier
  • Legendary Tier
  • Mithril Tier
  • Utility Tier
The Common, Rare and Legendary tier are the 3 most common ones. Those 3 tiers are the tiers that mobs can spawn with.
From now on, natural spawned monsters (this means no mobs from spawners) have a chance to spawn with custom equipment. They can spawn with Armor, Weapons, Tools, etc...
The cool part about these items is that each of these items will contain randomly generated enchantments. Some items will be stronger than others and this is all depending on what tier the items originates from. Additionally, there is no guarantee a certain enchantment goes on an item it was intended for. This means you could find pickaxes with protection enchantments, as well as chestplates with fire aspect for example. You have to be lucky to receive an item that is useful.

Higher tiers generally means the item could be better in quality.


Mithril tier is unique on its own. This tier can only be found by opening a Mithril Essence.
A Mithril Essence can be obtained by crafting one or receiving it from Gemstones. (Gemstones can be opened at The Forge in our spawn)
To craft a Mithril Essence you need 2 new items. Relic Fragments and a Mithril Core.
After opening a Mithril Essence, you will receive a random Mithril Tiered item. Mithril items are pre-made items by the server admins. There is a total of 200+ custom items! Mithril items will always have useful enchantments as well as always be Netherite (except for bows, fishing rods, etc). Mithril Items are the superior items and we wish you the best of luck to collect all of them. Below we posted a few spoilers on what you can expect from a Mithril item.

The Utility Tier is a little bit of a special tier. Generally speaking, if an item has the Utility tier, there is probably something special about it.

Now, You might have noticed that some items have "[slot]" on them. This brings us to our next point...

| Runestones
Runestones are items that can be attached to your Relics. However, your item needs a [Slot] to put the Runestone in. Runestones will enhance your Relics. Each of these Runestones has a type. This will define what items you can attach the Runestone to. They can improve enchantment levels as well as help you greatly in combat. There is a total of 35 different Runestones and we plan to add more in the future.

Drag and drop these runestones ontop of an item with a [Slot] to apply it to the item.
As of right now, the only way to obtain these Runestones is from Dusty Runestones. These can drop from Gemstones. You can get Gemstones by voting for the server (/vote) or by buying them on the /store. We are planning to come up with new ways to add them to the game in the future.

| Unidentified Items
Occasionally mobs will drop Unidentified Items and Codex Grimoires. The Unidentified items have no enchantments and have no tier defined yet. You can Identify these items using a Codex Grimoire. All you have to do to is drag and drop the Codex Grimoire on top of the Unidentified Item to reveal its enchantments and its tier.

| Extra Items

Spawner Spinner
Spawner Spinners are items obtained from Voting and/or Gemstones. They will grant the player a random mob spawner when used.

Mystery Eggs
Mystery Eggs are items obtained from voting and/or Gemstones. They come in 2 types, Passive and Hostile. Once used, the player will be granted with a random spawn egg. The passive version will only give passive mob eggs while the hostile version only grants hostile mob eggs.

| Last but not least

You will now receive cumulative voting rewards. This means that if you have X amount of votes within a months time, you will get extra rewards on-top of your Aqua Gemstones you receive from every vote. You can watch the list of rewards with /rewards.

The Forge & Gemstones
Gemstones have been completely reworked. They will now have a lot more unique rewards and this change should make them worth quite a lot more. In addition we have upgraded The Forge in our spawn slightly. Hovering on the different types of Gemstones in the menu will now display all its possible rewards.

| Final Notice
Due to the size of this update, we will roll this out over the next couple of days. All features displayed in this post should be available by September 28th.

We hope you all enjoy this update.
Happy Mining!
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although you kinda brought back op items from azertu...
op is the stuff that makes this game fun,
i guess...


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i rlly hope that i wont get attacked by a zombie who has a sharpness 7 sword xD


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One question tho:
is this temporary or not?


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Hello, I want to post two new ideas for the runestones:

Add specific runestones, I mean unique runestones for each piece of gear, for example, a runestone for a helmet that provides night vision or a runestone for boots that provides speed (as a passive ability). These runestones may be more unusual than normal ones.

Add runestone shards, with nine of these (or 4, I don't mind about the number) you can craft a runestone, a good idea will be implement the ancient runestones (better runestones that only can be crafted with runestone shards).

The runestone shards can perfectly be prismarine crystals and can be founded in the dirt, the gravel or the sand (I remember that there was something similar at azertumc).