The Sticky Olympics


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Welcome to the Sticky Olympics!

You might be wondering, what is this?

The Olympics consist out of 6 winter themed tasks that you can participate in. Each task will have 3 winners and that means there will be a total of 18 winners. On January 6th we will announce the winners. Unlike other events / contests we are not sharing the contents of the rewards. The prizes will remain a mystery till January 6th. The only thing we will share is that prizes are going to be HUGE.

For this one time, we will allow auto-clickers and/or macros to execute tasks for the Olympics. (This doesn't mean they are allowed for jobs!)

The tasks are:
  • Throw Snowballs
  • Plow Snow
  • Place Snow Block
  • Kill Snow Golems
  • Craft Blue Ice
  • Rings Bells
When entering spawn (and turning to the right) you will now be able to find The Winter Cave. Inside this cave you will find leaderboards for each of the 6 challenges.

BTW, don't forget to keep opening your advent calendar and keep in mind that on December 25th we will have an additional announcement for all you amazing people.

We hope you have fun with the event and good luck in the Sticky Olympics! May the best win...
Happy Mining!
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