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I have noticed that not many players on Sticky have joined the digger job and players that do join the job, will leave immediately after they try it. This is most likely because of how long it tactually takes to level up compared to all other jobs. You would think that a resource collecting job and one of the easiest jobs to grind as a new player would have more people joining and or grinding it, but it doesn't. When you look at all the other resource collecting jobs you can see a major difference between the amount of people who joined miner, lumberjack & farmer and those who chose digger. Below are my thoughts on what should be changed for the digger job to encourage newer and older players to either join or return to this wonderful job that the servers economy desperately needs.

As the highest level digger on the server I feel that I have a decent understanding of the best way to grind digger in its current state and I'm one of the more qualified players to speak on what needs to be changed about the job. The most common argument against buffing digger is that its to easy to reach "end game" or max potential with it to quickly. This is a fair opinion and I agree with it 100%. Any new player can easily get an eff3 diamond shovel within a short amount of time on the server. This would allow them to instantly break dirt, sand, gravel which are the staples of the digger job. I however don't think the digger job should be punished because of this and I have some ideas on what could be changed.

- I believe that we should steer away from the most common blocks such as sand, dirt, grass and have those be an early game option for newer players. The digger job should have a focus on the rarer or harder to break blocks like terracotta, gravel, clay, mycelium exc. and those blocks would be the primary source to grind digger.

- Terracotta needs to receive the same payout as stone for miner or slightly above to account for the rarity of mesas in resource. Even more so that both terracotta and stone both require an eff5 diamond pick with haste 2 or an eff6 netherite pick to insta mine those blocks, yet diggers payout for breaking terracotta is less than a miners for breaking stone. Having the digger job focus more on terracotta would also help provide an introduction for an Artist job in the future if need be.

- Diggers payout needs to be adjusted like Lumberjack for time needed to repair tools or money spent to buy experience bottles (I also understand that LJ's payout is adjusted for time spent to replant saplings) because unlike miner the tools required to grind digger and lumberjack do not repair themselves while preforming their respective job tasks.


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as a digger grinding to high levels I one hundred percent agree with this. I think that this is a needed change and is appropriate change and not to drastic of a digger change,
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