Tweak To Ranks In Nations


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I have noticed that the highest rank before King in nations is Nation Assistant, and nation assistant only gets access to some commands. With our nation having 2 owners it can be difficult to ask the King and have to wait for them to log on to type a few commands. We need to have something like Co-Mayor rank, but for a nation.
| Add a rank to nations that is like Co-Mayor for towns
| This rank will have ALL PERMS Except for deleting the nation and /n set king (or emperor)
| Tweak the ranks, King will be renamed Emperor and the "Co-Mayor" type will be named King
| Add a rank, king stays the same along with the other ranks but a new rank called Prince/Princess OR Archduke/Archduchess OR Grand prince/Grand princess.
| If those dont appeal then suggest more names in the comments.

Edit: I prefer GhostLibra's comment the most
Nation ranks: Emperor/Empress (mayor) > King/Queen (co-mayor) > Archduke/Archduchess (senator) > Marquis/Marquess (helper)
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