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Valentines Day & Build Competition!


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Hello Everyone!

What a lovely time for an announcement :love:

We would like to let you know that for those that login on Valentines Day (February 14) you will be able to claim a unique Valentine Tagger which can only be received on valentines day! Just login and a book will open with instructions on how to claim your tagger.

Now, for the exciting stuff,

The First Ever AzertuMC Build Competition.

Today we are announcing the first ever build competition on AzertuMC. We are giving everyone the chance to build awesome projects and win great rewards while doing so. Everyone is able to participate solo or in group, whatever you prefer. We hope this will encourage players to build more great and awesome builds to populate our world. We also plan on doing this more often if this is something you guys are interested in.

For our first build competition the theme will be Castles.

For all information regarding the build competition: Please visit
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This is a great opportunity to for me to build in my town. Spruce it up a little. (But the castle will be the biggest thing in my town so "A little" is an understatement).