Vanilla Exploits Need Warnings


I was banned for unknowingly breaking the vanilla exploit rule, specifically about the clay diamond mining method. I had no knowledge this method was considered cheating or exploitation since it is a terrain generation feature. I understand it was in the rules however I learned of this method weeks after reading the rules and didn't think to check the rules again after discovering the method because I didn't believe something as simple as breaking specific blocks in specific places could count as cheating unless using 3rd party software like x-ray, or some how surpassing some form of block protection.

banning a player for an obviously grey area offence like this without warning is not an appropriate repercussion for this act.

A. This mining method is not very game breaking: diamonds are not very valuable on this server and this method still takes time at the expense of mining exp a player would receive strip mining.

B. It is an action with in the game unmodified with nothing to discourage the player from the act: unlike destroying other players builds which is also an act available in the vanilla game unmodified but has plugins that clearly discourages the player from doing that act. Since there is nothing stopping players is it unclear they are breaking rules.

C. This act doesn't impact other players: I would understand being banned without warning as such if my action was negatively impacting a player or players, or even making the playing environment worse in some measurable way. unless im missing something (and if I am I'm all ears) this mining method doesn't.

I am not suggesting a rule change, it is your server and your right to choose the rules as you see fit. However I don't understand how this mining method is any different than mining chunk boarders in the nether to get ancient debris, both are community found methods of achieving a resource faster than intended by Mojang thanks to terrain generation quirks.

All these points I bought up on discord and the response was simply "read the rules" I understand its a players responsibility to know the rules but this leaves no room for human error and people make mistakes. This is an honest mistake anyone can make an as such it really needs to be more explicitly clear its not allowed, actively discouraged by some type of system and/or warned before being banned. You might think something like this is common sense but I prove it isn't and I don't believe players should be banned for being naive especially while not impacting others, a warning would fix this issue.
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I looked through every line on the rules page on this website 4 times and it doesn't mention the clay mining method anywhere on it, it only mentions "vanilla exploits" with no explanation of what vanilla exploits are, if its mentioned else where I cant find and it needs to be much more visible.


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If you mined in the overworld, that is not allowed. However, mining in the resource is allowed as long as you dont use hacks.