Voting Cloaks


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Suggestion: A new prize will be awarded to the top 3 voters of every month.

This prize is a Mithril Elytra, with a special particle effect.

Each month will have its own unique Elytra to acquire, introducing a new Mithril set to the server: Voting Cloaks.

For example, here's the February prize:


The February Cloak is a vanilla level Elytra with an added flair of a particle effect. For this month, its Hearts (Valentines Day)

Players can show off their unique Cloak by simply flying around.

Each month will have its own Cloak to acquire (along with a unique particle effect), totaling to 12 Cloaks in the entire set.

This idea promotes voting for the server, while also giving players something to compete for every month.

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This sounds super cool! I only worry that the same people would eventually get the same ones over the years depending on the resets.