Solved weekly challenge silktouch glitch

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What is the name of the bug?
weekly challenge silktouch glitch

What is your minecraft username?

Brief description of the bug and/or glitch you're experiencing.
Its a glitch in which you can get an infinite amount of Weekly challenge points.

Is this a reproducible issue?

If you can replicate the issue, How do you replicate it?
First you need to place diamond ore's. Then another person can break those and then recieves the Weekly challenge points just like they normally would. The mined ore's then just have to be replaced by the first person.
(The exploit is very buggy and it's functionality is completely random.)
(we found this out when we wanted to build a decorated fake mine and only one of us had the pickaxe.)


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When we made this change, we specifically mentioned that this is against the rules. If players are caught using alternate accounts to bypass this, they will be disqualified and receive a 3 days ban.

If this only adds a couple of ores, like you just mentioned happened to you, that's perfectly fine.
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