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Invalid Report Wraith Paid Rank not receiving AH benefit

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What is the name of the bug?
Wraith Paid Rank not receiving benefits paid for

What is your minecraft username?

Brief description of the bug and/or glitch you're experiencing.
On the store, this appears under the description for the Wraith Rank: "Ability to put up to 4 items up for auction." ... but I'm a wraith, and I can't sell things on the AH.

Should list item for sale.

Error message: "You need Merchant Rank before you can put items up for auction"

Is this a reproducible issue?

If you can replicate the issue, How do you replicate it?
1: be a peasant
2: be a Wraith
3: /ah sell 100 (while holding an item)


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This is intentional and it is set this way for all players. Despite having a paid rank, players should be at in-game rank Merchant before they can list items on the auction house.
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